Employee retention is an important aspect of business productivity. When employees leave, you not only incur considerable expenses in recruiting and training replacements, but you also risk a depletion of company morale, expertise, and overall performance. Follow these tips to encourage your employees to remain with your business for the long term.

Be Selective During the Hiring Process

The first step in employee retention is to hire the right personnel. When you interview prospective employees, focus on their compatibility with your present staff and company culture as well as their skills. Take a look at their credit situation, which tells a lot about their self-discipline and ability to overcome difficulties.

Compensate Competitively

Retaining first-rate talent means offering them salaries commensurate with their skills and experience. Employees are also concerned about benefits such as healthcare, a retirement plan, and life insurance. As part of their compensation package, offer them ongoing learning opportunities such as mentorship programs, computerized training, and outside classes and seminars.

Create an Environment Conducive to Work

When employees spend a significant portion of their time at a workplace, they crave a comfortable and safe environment. Provide this by designing an office space with a pleasing temperature, adequate lighting, good ventilation, and ergonomic furniture.

Maintain Open Communication

Keep in touch with your employees, and be aware of what’s happening in their personal lives. Send cards, flowers, and personal notes on appropriate occasions. On a more professional basis, schedule one-on-one quarterly reviews at which you sit down with your employees and discuss their professional goals and aspirations. Ask them what makes them remain loyal to your business and what would prompt them to want to leave.

Offer Appreciation

Always praise employees for work well done. You can offer your appreciation through writing thank you notes, awarding prizes, gifting stock options, and providing sponsorship to industry events. Honest recognition of their accomplishments makes top-notch employees want to stay on.

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