Use Purchase Order Financing to Expand Your Business

Small businesses which are growing larger and larger usually run into the same problem. Eventually they receive an order so large, they cannot afford the materials or resources to fill it. Ordinarily, their only option would be to turn the client down, but that is a huge missed opportunity. The purchase order financing is a kind of loan designed exactly for this situation. Do not let a golden opportunity pass you by just because you do not have the proper funds. Turn to Capital Financing Solutions and learn more about how financing a purchase order can benefit you.

How it Works

When you are approved for purchase order financing, we will first pay your supplier so you can fill the order. When the customer is satisfied, we take a few small fees from the payment, leaving the rest of the profits for you. This is designed to benefit you as much as possible. Other benefits include:

  • Short approval time
  • Avoiding accumulating bank debt
  • No loss of equity
  • Improve your market share
  • No damage to your business’ reputation

You should not be penalized for having your business growing. Let it thrive by turning to purchase order financing. Capital Financing Solutions is here to help. Work with our team of financial experts to figure out a plan that meets all your unique needs.