The workplace is supposed to be a place where professionalism and respect are paramount. The success of your business may come down to how much you do to contribute to this general mood. Sure, you may want to cut up and have fun with your staff, but where should the line get drawn? When it comes to promoting professionalism in the office, you as the boss set the tone. Leading by example is probably something you’ve adhered to for quite some time, and failing to do so in the face of a shifting corporate culture might spell disaster ahead.

Your Coworkers Don’t Need To Know Everything About You

One of the most common mistakes people make when interacting in the workplace is they like to talk. While communication at its basic form is encouraged, always talking about what’s going on in your personal life shouldn’t be. Your business is not the place for people to bring their problems to be solved. That employee who is always going on about her shopping addiction or the man who is juggling dating three women at once should not be rewarded for poor behavior. Make sure you remind everyone that this is not a social club or therapist’s office (unless it is). Bringing personal issues to work can lead to catastrophic shifts in employee mood and production.

Your Boss Is Not Your Friend

You always like to believe you’re a friendly and approachable boss. While these traits are admired in leaders, how do the most successful ones keep that line drawn between being nice and becoming a friend? Easy: They don’t allow it. When you, the boss, feel like someone is taking too much time out of his or her day to come and talk things through to you – work or otherwise – then you need to put an end to it. Maintaining professionalism may seem complicated, but in this scenario, you need to remind others that you’re not there to be friends with anyone; you’re there because the business needs you there.

You Need to Respect Others

Gossip is like a cancer in businesses, especially small ones. If someone starts spreading rumors about others, those musings can burn out of control and eventually lead to strife and resentment within the staff. Remind your workforce that respect is essential in your company. You won’t tolerate meanness or bullying, just like you won’t stand for vicious rumors and gossip.

Professionalism is essential when running a business, and maintaining a healthy and arms-length relationship between yourself and the staff ranks high.