It doesn’t have to be the new year to think about resolutions to be more productive. If you’re trying to find ways to increase your productivity, here are some tips that can help you tackle more each day.

  • Savor your breakfast – Do something in the morning that makes you happy and starts your day right. Eat breakfast mindfully, without your phone or listening to the news. Don’t start thinking about work until you get to work.
  • Start out with your toughest tasks – Get the biggest and toughest jobs done when you’re fresh and energized. Maybe it’s something you just hate to do. Plow through it, get it done to feel accomplished. Maybe it’s just something critical that can’t wait.   
  • Take breaks – Instead of pushing through a brain freeze, take a break. Recognize when your body or mind is overwhelmed. Go for a walk. Green encourages creativity. You may get a fresh perspective when you’re walking through the park. Eat some brain food, such as almonds or fish. Your body may be telling you it needs energy.   
  • Schedule time with yourself – If you need a block of time to work through a project that demands concentration, schedule it on your calendar. Not only does this help you work more efficiently, you can be more productive when you know what you’re working on each day. But make sure to get up and stretch every 45 to 60 minutes.   
  • Learn to delegate – Multitasking doesn’t always equal productivity. If you’re stretched too thin, consider outsourcing to an assistant. Virtual assistants are extremely affordable these days, but you might find someone in your community who can take some of your projects off your plate.  

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