There’s nothing worse than seeing dirt, cracks or fading on the facade of your investment property. An impressive facade can help your building stand out, but it’s essential to keep up on yearly maintenance. If you’re planning cleaning and restoration services, find out why spring is the best time to tend to your facade. Invest wisely with the right real estate financing option.

In many areas, the cold temperatures and snow or rain accumulation in winter causes the most damage to your building’s facade. Water can run through cracks causing damage, or freeze in place. Snow and ice accumulation can quickly expand and weigh down certain ornate elements of your facade leaving them cracked or completely breaking off pieces.

The summer heat can also damage a facade. Constant sunlight can cause your building to fade. Air pollution in the area can also cause your building to look dull and dirty. Find a local maintenance team to clean and repair any damage that may have occurred throughout the year. Spring is a great time to repair your building, because all of the snow and ice buildup is gone.

Cleaning services use pressurized water, sandblasting, sponge blast, soda blast, chemicals or other advanced techniques to keep the exterior of your investment property bright, clean and inviting. Make sure you hire a cleaning team that is knowledgeable about cleaning techniques for your specific building. There are a wide variety of materials used to make facades, so the cleaning and restoration techniques will change depending on the type of materials used.

Once your facade is clean, you can consider restoration projects. Cleaning won’t fix cracks or broken elements of your facade. Depending on the level of detail, it can be quite costly to repair it. Find out how real estate financing can help you improve the value of your investment property.

Just like residential real estate, curb appeal is a major factor in the overall value of your commercial property. An unattractive facade is likely to diminish the value of your property. Invest in restoration services to attract businesses and customers and improve the overall value.

From minor cleaning to extensive restoration services, choose real estate financing to invest in your building without draining your working capital. Whether your company operates in the building or you’re leasing it to another business, proper maintenance and restoration are always great investments. Financing allows you to choose the restoration you need.