Though many employers would like to improve their staff’s work-life balance, there exists a nagging fear of the impact this could have on the business. Keeping your employee’s happy improves employees’ turnover, hence enabling you to preserve the best talents. This, in turn, results in business growth. Here are a few pointers to help your employees achieve a healthy work-life balance:

• The management should lead by example. Through them observing a healthy work-life balance, employees can learn and adopt a similar approach.

• Provide information on what work-life balance is all about and how it impacts on their productivity and personal lives. Educate them on how this can be achieved.

• Place restrictions and flexibility on working hours. Have a strict timeline within which the day’s tasks are supposed to have been accomplished and have everyone go home. You may need to restrict new e-mails from coming into the employees’ inboxes after work hours. You may also choose to dictate the hours that employees are supposed to work but leave it up to them to distribute these hours throughout the week.

• Pay special attention to employees’ productivity as opposed to the hours they put in. Allow them to go home once a task is accomplished. Through

• proper delegation of duties and responsibilities, work overload is avoided. Set reasonable goals and expectations, while at the same time familiarizing yourself with some of the processes carried out.

• Ensure that the employees take regular breaks from work. This replenishes them and gives them a chance to carry out tasks with a fresh perspective, thus enhancing their productivity.

Rewarding accomplishments and recognizing efforts are an effective way of ensuring a happy workplace. This does not have to be expensive, and can even be a simple thank you. The benefits of a healthy work-life balance cannot be overemphasized. Visit Capital Financing Solutions for a comprehensive guide on how this can be achieved.